Back-office audit

Have your ecommerce tech stack audited by people who know what good looks like. The first 5-week auditing service for ecommerce leaders, led by tech experts.

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Designed for ecommerce Leaders

You’ll follow in the footsteps of leaders from some of the most exciting companies in Europe. All keen to leverage the best ecommerce technology to scale their operations.

This audit is for you if...

  • You're a leader in an ecommerce business.

  • You're considering system changes within your ecommerce tech stack.

  • You want to scale an ecommerce business but you’re stuck on what tech to use.

  • You feel like you're going around and around in circles talking to ERP, WMS, OMS vendors, and don't know who to trust.

  • You want a list of clear and actionable steps towards your next tech investments, provided by the experts that have seen it all before.

  • You don't have the in-house resource or capacity to run this audit yourself.


Audit outcomes

By the end of the audit with us, you will:

  • Know the highest priority changes needed in your ecommerce operation.

  • Be able to choose the right operational technology for your business - such as ERP, WMS, BI, CX and many more.

  • Have expertly designed integrations that automate your operations.

  • Have confidence that your next major investment is backed by those who know what good looks like.

  • Receive recommendations across business strategy, technology selection and recruitment.

An audit that leverages our experience


We can give you access to a backstage pass of experts in the ecommerce industry. We know experts across all niches and will introduce those people who can have the biggest impact on your growth.


We know when an ecommerce business outgrows its tech, meaning we can tell you when is the right time to make changes.


We understand your data requirements and will design your intergrations in a way that makes sense to everybody. We will highlight any nuances or pitfalls that you'll need to look out for during the build.


We've seen it all before and we know what good looks like. We will give you an impartial view on the strengths and limitations of systems across the ecommerce back-office ecosystem.

Alumni Include

Pure Electric
Freddies Flowers

What they say about us

"Luke and the Ecommerce Thinking team have had a dramatic impact upon our development team and, in turn, our whole business. Luke helped us to reshape the team and dramatically improved its overall performance and speed of output. We could not be happier or more grateful for his support."
Ted Bell
CEO, Freddie’s Flowers
"The secret to their success is deploying the best talent. I think of them as a critical member of my team, not some outsourced function."
Tom Carroll
CCO, Pure Electric
"They took the time to fully understand the nuances of our business. Rather than big reveals set behind long lead times, we were in constant communication throughout a dynamic, fast moving process."
Rob Bridgman
Founder & CEO, Snug Sofa

A closer look at the program


We start with a kick-off meeting, where we'll prepare you for the audit, walkthrough your personalised audit dashboard and assign you pre-work to complete ahead of group workshops in week 2.


Client time commitment:


Through two facilitated Zoom workshops, we will capture what's different about your ecommerce business and plot how these differentiations impact on your operations and technology strategy.


Client time commitment:


Participants from across your business will join workshops designed to capture end-to-end customer and user journeys throughout your entire ecommerce operation. This will clarify the present state of your operations and reveal gaps that need addressing in your tech stack.


Client time commitment:
2 x 120 mins zoom workshop


Ecommerce Thinking's Auditing Team work independently to populate your audit dashboard, produce visual systems architecture, design integrations and form the strategic recommendations we'll present back to you in week 5.


Client time commitment:
none required


We present our key findings, outline the critical decisions you need to make as a business and inform these decisions with market-leading insights. All insights and outputs are delivered in your private auditing dashboard.


Client time commitment:
1 x 120 mins zoom workshop

Price: £9,995

+tax where applicable
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How long does the audit take to complete?


We typically complete the audit process within 5 weeks, end-to-end. This is dependent on whether the relevant stakeholders on your side are able to attend the scheduled workshops. You can learn more about what to expect in each week by booking a free mini-audit.

I don’t have an internal tech team, will an audit be useful for my business?


Sure, the truth is most ecommerce brands don’t have a dedicated internal tech team. Platforms like Shopify and other off-the-shelf tools have meant you can get far without having to write a single line of code. So long as you can tell us all of the tools that make up your tech stack and what the customer and user experiences are for your business - we can help.

We haven’t launched yet, is the OpsTech Audit still useful for us?


We have worked with brands in the past that are pre-launch or very early on in their journey. An audit gives these businesses a solid foundation and helps them avoid the typical pitfalls that other brands fall into. To be 100% sure that an audit is right for you, book a free mini-audit with one of our growth managers.

Will you hold the workshops in our office?


We’re a remote-first company, with employees dotted all over the world, because of this it can be quite difficult to get everyone in the same room. We hold all of our workshops via live zoom calls, because we can record sessions it's actually more effective than actually being in the room with you.

Do all of the sessions have to happen in a set sequence?


Yes, the sessions will be scheduled in a consecutive sequence one after the other over a 5 week period. It’s best to go through these sessions in one go to keep the momentum going and drive real change within your business.

Do Ecommerce Thinking provide post-Audit support?


Yes. After the audit there's a series of different paths you can follow:
Advisory: We can help you implement the recommended changes to your strategy by acting as ongoing advisors to your leadership team.
Project: We are experts in integration and process automation. Our team works with audit clients to implement bespoke

Are there any payment plans available?


Our audits are paid upfront, however, we’re happy to discuss options with you should you require them.

How should I prepare myself and my team for the Audit?


Before actually getting into the auditing process we’ll set up an initial planning meeting with you and your team. We’ll walk through the auditing programmes and assign you and your team with pre-work to complete ahead of the first group workshop. The pre-work will include some pre-reading, putting together a visual representation of your existing tech stack, and answering a few questions around the company's ambitions of growth.

We’re in a different timezone, can we still do an Audit?


The short answer is yes, but it depends on the time difference between where you are and the UK (where most of our team is based). Book a free mini-audit to discuss how we can make it work for you.

Will you help us with the front-end design of our website?


Front-end design isn’t our strong point, that being said we have trusted partners that we can connect you with. People that we’ve worked with in the past and can vouch for.

Can I speak with some of the clients who have previously gone through an audit?


Absolutely - in fact, we would encourage it and have done so several times in the past. Just let us know you would like to speak with one of the brands that have gone through our audit programme and we'll connect the dots for you.

Want to learn more?

If you have any unanswered questions or simply want to check that this audit will service your objectives, book a Zoom call with our team today.

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