HubSpot CRM eliminates manual work and helps sales teams get running and start selling. It takes care of all the little details - logging emails, recording calls, and managing data - in a very intuitive manner, freeing up valuable selling time in the process.You can get an up-to-the-minute view of the entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard. Users can sort deals won and lost appointments scheduled and contracts sent over any time period and track performance against quotas. You can sort deals by name, owner, amount, or stage with custom filters for actionable intel in a fraction of the time.HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically – whether you’re in an email, across social media, or on a call. You can sync with Gmail or Outlook using HubSpot Salesinnovative and capture every call, email, or meeting as it happens. Every interaction with a lead is stored in a tidy timeline.