Katana PIM

Katana is a modern manufacturing and inventory management software for small and scaling businesses. Its visual interface and smart real-time master planning allow manufacturers to get an overview of the entire company from one centralised point of truth. Katana integrates popular eCommerce and accounting service providers. Katana has an open API should you want to build your own integrations.You can prioritise orders, see the availability of raw materials and finished goods in real-time, and ensure end-to-end traceability of materials and products. It automatically follows the stock movements across the production cycle and in multiple warehouses allowing you to maintain optimal inventory levels.You can build BOMs and track material availability to order workflows or fulfil the order from available product stock. You can also easily create, set up, and remove shop floor operators, receive real-time manufacturing insights from the floor-level app, and track manufacturing costs based on product recipes and production operations.