Littledata automatically fixes tracking for Shopify stores, offering complete marketing attribution, accurate sales data, and custom dimensions for lifetime value reporting (LTV) in Google Analytics. It is designed to make Shopify tracking easy and reliable. You can access full marketing attribution thanks to a combination of client-side and server-side tracking, powerful integrations with ReCharge and more. It works with Google Analytics or any connected reporting tool and offers cross-domain tracking and multi-currency/multi-store support. It reviews your analytics setup for accurate tracking and makes Shopify data match Google Analytics data. Server-side tracking means that you can capture every shopper action and event and ensure no metric goes missed or unmeasured. It works with headless setups. You can monitor and automatically filter key metrics to help you focus on actionable insights alongside proven industry benchmarks to see how your site compares, including data on revenue, conversions, bounce rate and site performance.