Logic Broker

The Logicbroker platform offers the latest in cloud and supply chain automation with unrivalled speed and integration flexibility. With Logicbroker’s API-led drop-ship platform, retailers, brands, marketplaces, and 3PLs can quickly and cost-effectively increase online retail growth and expand product assortment.Logicbroker has a comprehensive suite of monitoring, reporting, and exception management tools optimised to maintain clear visibility across your supplier ecosystem. Their easy-to-use web interface is optimised for simplicity and speed. You can batch-process order life cycle data with their advanced import/export tools. You can quickly find what you need with Logicbroker search. They provide lightning-fast results querying any data point, including customer name, PO number, SKU, tracking number, and more. You can eliminate the complexity of running a successful drop ship program. Also, built-in scorecarding and compliance tools ensure SLAs are achieved, and customers are delighted.