Metapack is a cloud-based delivery management solution to help businesses control processes related to shipping, tracking, returns, and more. The platform enables you to offer multiple delivery options based on locations, customer preferences, and product details and display consignment statuses in real-time. Metapack is a white-label solution, allowing you to create and integrate a personalised returns portal using custom branding and multiple languages. It offers features like store credits, carrier performance tracking, label printing, QR code scanning, personalised customer communications, instant delivery updates, warehouse and stock management, and more. The centralised dashboard helps customer service agents with handling queries, parcel redirection, and information sharing with clients. Metapack gives insight into customer delivery experience, market opportunities, communications, trends, shipping volumes, and more via analytics and audit reports. It integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and various third-party systems via an application programming interface (API).