ProfitWell provides SaaS and subscription companies with accurate subscription financial metrics to understand growth. It gives you deep and customisable analytics at the company and plan level, including MRR, LTV, and ARPU. ProfitWell also provides cohort level churn analyses and retention reports and breakdowns of monthly and yearly cash flow.ProfitWell helps organisations make sure data maintains absolute integrity. It includes all core SaaS metrics and reports, including daily growth updates, revenue trends, growth trends, churn and retention trends, cash flow breakdown; cohorts report; and customer billing activities. ProfitWell provides users with the metrics you need without complex filters or toggles. There are also add-on modules that support the free metrics product. ProfitWell Recognized helps the finance team by providing one-click revenue recognition audited by the Big Four. ProfitWell Retain helps SaaS companies stop losing revenue by automatically recovering delinquent customers.