ProSKU is a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) warehouse management system for smaller and growing businesses. It can be deployed and effective in only a few days, is available for an affordable monthly fee and requires a minimal upfront investment. It brings large warehouse best practices to the smaller businesses. It provides excellent functionality and easy implementation for a wide range of storage environments. Developed by specialist WMS developers to meet the needs of a growing market, the system's clear, flexible processes are excellent for companies in e-retail and fulfilment, wholesale and 3PL, and manufacturing. With multiple API integrations for carts, multi-channel commerce, ERP and carrier management, it gives leading-edge connectivity.ProSKU covers the entire storage process, offering many advanced features: full warehouse location map, storage and non-storage areas; multiple product handling criteria; advanced auto putaway functions; and automatic pallet ID/label generation.