RedPrairie's WMS applications provide highly configurable solutions for optimising distribution operations globally from supplier to customer. You can source orders from any location or supplier and gain visibility and control over all yard operations for timely, seamless, secure distribution operations. From before an inbound shipment enters your gate until after an outbound shipment leaves, RedPrairie's Warehouse Management solution optimises every move – from raw materials to finished goods and the people who move them – enabling agile, efficient and lean distribution operations that deliver the perfect order. They have comprehensive task optimisation technology, including the industry's only embedded 3D mapping. They also have the most mature SOA technology – enabling faster, less costly implementations, greater agility to meet changing business conditions, and lower total cost of ownership. This provides a comprehensive, RFID-enabled solution for distribution and inventory management covering Distributed Order Management; Inbound Processing; Inventory Management; Work Order Processing; Outbound Processing, and more.

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