RF Smart

RF-SMART is a global leader in barcoding and mobile inventory management solutions for Warehousing, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail and eCommerce. Leveraging barcodes and data collection technology, RF-SMART automates business processes, so the production, movement, management, and inventory fulfilment is fast and accurate.By providing employees real-time access to information and real-time validation of the data you scan/enter, you can eliminate paperwork and improve accuracy up to 99.9%. You can also automate your manual warehouse processes; know exactly what you have in inventory; know where it is located in the warehouse; and have this as your single system of record for inventory.It gives visibility into work performance and traceability of products and projects: you'll know who, what, where, when and why for your warehouse or shop floor activities. Built using the latest, most advanced technology, it is purpose-built for the following ERP systems: NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365, Oracle JD Edwards, and Oracle SCM Cloud.

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