Whether you’re selling DTC, through wholesale, marketplaces, or all of that and more, this is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade operations system to run your entire eCommerce business after the checkout in a single place.This automation tool proactively generates POs and forecasts, finds the best shipping deals, and finds new opportunities for cost-cutting and profitability. You can boost your margins and organisational efficiency with detailed data on every individual SKU and operation. Combined with predictive analytics, you can forecast your growth with total clarity and confidence.There is also cross-channel inventory allocation, forecasting, where you can set product reorder thresholds and prevent overselling and stockouts with Skubana's multi-marketplace inventory management. With one-click integrations with all of your sales channels and shipping carriers, including Shopify, Amazon (all international properties and FBA), eBay, UPS, DHL eCommerce, UPS and more, Skubana eases the process of coordinating your warehouses, dropshipper vendors, and 3PL warehouses.