SnapFulfil is a cloud-based warehouse management system designed to help businesses within various industries, including retail, eCommerce, electronics, 3PL, and food and beverage, manage inventory, space, and resources. Its key features include task interleaving, labelling, route optimisation, employee performance tracking, and reporting. It comes with a directed put-away feature, which lets crew members distribute products or purchase orders to specified locations by scanning RFID codes. SnapFulfil provides multiple order picking methods, including wave, multi-zone, and pick and pass, to allow employees to streamline the supply chain process. It helps managers track stock levels across multiple warehouses and replenish inventory as per customer demands. Supervisors can utilise Snapfulfil's tracking and tracing capabilities to identify products based on serial numbers, country of origin, or expiration/production dates. SnapFulfil offers integration with various third-party ERP, eCommerce, and carrier systems, helping team members update inventory as well as order information in real-time.