Sorted is a cloud-based delivery management platform to help businesses of all sizes manage checkout, shipments, warehouse fulfilment, customer experience, and more. The PRO module enables organisations to consolidate and view carrier information, automate allocation and label generation operations, and track deliveries via a unified portal.Sorted includes a management dashboard, which enables supervisors to optimise delivery routes, create and assign tasks, resolve delivery issues, and provide role-based access to authorised users. Using the REACT module, enterprises can design tracking pages with custom images, logos, and colours to facilitate a self-service order monitoring portal to customers. Administrators can also notify customers about shipments' status, respond to queries, send offers, and engage with the target audience via custom email and text messages.The SortedHERO module lets businesses offer various delivery options during checkout. Managers can also gain insights into orders, the performance of shipment carriers by location or volume, and other metrics via analytics.